About Inspassioniary

          Inspassioniary started as just an idea as Cal and Michelle were walking to a screening one terribly hot summer day. As they walked towards the small theatre in downtown Manhattan, they talked about how admirable these filmmakers were. In an era where success seems to be measured by educational degrees, fiscal wealth, property and having 2.5 children, it’s refreshing to see people pursuing a career path simply because they love what they do.

           The more we talked the more questions we had. Why don’t more Millennials follow their dreams? Why do college students burden themselves with interviews and cover letters to internships they have no personal interest in? Why do we force ourselves to follow the beaten path?

           Why are we too scared to go down an unknown road?

           Why has following your dreams become so uncommon?

           These questions lead to many long talks. We decided that we wanted to see this change. We want to help inspire people. But how?

           The answer was simple, yet beautiful.


           That is what Inspassioniary is at its core. We want to inspire and spark passion in people by sharing stories of people follow their dreams. This website is an inspirational diary, collecting entries from all types of people, from all career paths. (Hence, the word “Inspassioniary”)

           Inspassioniary is a blog that we hope will inspire people to stray from the beaten path and follow their dreams.

           As college students ourselves we have seen too many of our peers take jobs that they are not passionate about. We believe that everyone has a passion, whether it be film or medicine or history. That is why we started Inspassioniary. We want to share stories and show students around the country that following your dreams might not be the easiest route to take, but it is certainly the most worthwhile.

           We believe that our truest life is when we are in dreams, awake.